Bible study

BijbelstudieThe bible study groups are an important part of our congregation. During the week, church members meet in small groups to study the Bible and help each other to grow in faith. The groups are also used to support each other and often result in new friendships. There are several types of bible study groups (see below). Of course most small groups are in Dutch. Nevertheless there is an English version of almost every type of small group.  This means there is always a good fit for anyone.

Small groups

Small groups stay together for a longer period of time. The small groups meet once every week or two weeks to study the bible and pray. Often small groups start with dinner so members have a change to catch up with each other. The small groups are a place where you really get to know each other because you spend a long time together. This way members can fall back on each other if times are difficult and help each other in practical ways. You can join a small group at any time. Of course you can also visit to see what it is like. When assigning members, we try pick people from roughly the same geographical area.

Alpha course

Do you want to know more about Christian faith? The Alpha course consists of eleven evening sessions and one weekend and covers the base of Christian faith. In small groups you can discuss any questions you might have about faith, God or another subject. Both non-Christians and Christians are welcome! Knowledge of the bible is not required.


If you want to participate in one of these groups, feel free to contact us.