Children (under 12)

In the last couple of years we have welcomed many children in our congregation. We like to involve them in church life by providing various activities. These activities are open to anyone, so feel free to bring your kids.


During the morning service there are two nurseries, each supervised by two caregivers. Infants and toddlers can sleep or play in the nursery on the first floor, where we have two playpens and various toys.

For the three and four year olds we have the Nursery Plus on the ground floor, where they also have plenty of opportunities to play. Moreover, they can listen to a story from the Bible and make drawings or other crafts related to the story.

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Every second and fourth Sunday of the month, children are welcome to join the ChrisClub. There are two clubs: one for children from kindergarten, the other for children from first to fourth grade. They leave the service before the sermon and return during the collection of the offerings.

Children's worksheet

Children older than four are welcome to participate in the service. For every morning service, worksheets are available explaining the theme with a short description, but also with puzzles, questions or a coloring picture. So don't forget to bring crayons!

Children's services

Besides the weekly activities, we also regularly organize special children's services. Twice a year we prepare a special service together with the children. There are also children's services in the afternoon on the Prayer and Thanksgiving days, which are organized together with the Christian Reformed Church. A finally there is a children's Christmas service which is always a big celebration.


Once a month, generally on the second Friday night, the children from fourth to sixth grade come together in church for a night of fun (from 5:30 to 8:30 PM). The evenings start with a meal, followed by discussions about a certain biblical of church related topic and games.

And more...

We also organize children's activities outside the church services. There is always a program for children during congregation days or missionary events, and several activities are provided during vacations.