Reformed Church (liberated)

We are a congregation of about 700 people who want to live together as Christians. We call ourselves Christians because we believe Jesus Christ saved our lives and we want to integrate that belief in our daily lives. We want to show that we follow Him. During the Sunday services by worshiping Him and taking the time to learn more about Him. Outside the services by caring for each other and welcoming everyone who is looking for shelter. We look forward to meeting you!


We believe that God created the earth. We believe that our lives and everything else are in His hands. Through the Holy Bible Gods reveals Himself to people. We are part of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (liberated), which is centered around the Bible. There is much to say about faith, which we would love to do in person.


Our congregation is quite diverse: many families and singles, the elderly and the youth provide a lot of variation. Because Delft is a student city, we have a nice group of students in our midst and we maintain good relations with the Christian student societies in Delft: CSR and VGSD. This kind of variation means that there is a place for everyone. Most of our members live in Delft, but some live in Schipluiden, Den Hoorn, Delfgauw or elsewhere. Within our congregation, Bible study groups and other societies play an important role. They provide an opportunity to get to know other members and study Gods word together. We are a practically oriented congregation and like organizing events, such as special services, but also sports activities, a second-hand clothing sale or a play.


We work together with the other Christian churches in Delft, especially with the Christian Reformed Church. Catechism, certain services, the Alpha course and the annual camping weekend are all organized together.