Delft is a well known university city and from all over the world, students come to study here. These students do a bachelor-, master- or PhD-study and some stay in Delft after their study to work in The Netherlands.

What is DelftProject

To give these students a home and to get in contact with them, Delftproject is founded. The project is focussed on offering hospitality and offering a home to anyone who wants it. Next to all the social and 'gezellige' activities, DelftProject also offers activities to discuss the substantial questions of life. There is enough room to talk and learn from the two pastors, from the Dutch and from each other.


The project is founded because of the wish of the congregation to be a missionary church for Delft and it’s surroundings. On a church meeting in October 2011, the decision to start DelftProject was made. A second pastor was called and both the pastors would spent half their time for the congregation and the other half for the missionary work in Delft.


In the first place, DelftProject is focussed on international students. A lot of activities and programs are organized to reach them and to get into contact. In the long term, there will be more attention for Dutch students, occupants of the neighbourhood of the church and Delft in general.

Activities and programs

Next to organizing monthly Intercultural Evenings and Forum-evenings, DelftProject also offers variable events like BBQ's and lunches. Students can also be connected in the long run to a host-family in the Feel@Home program. If students want to eat at a family only once, they can join the Eat&Meet program. DelftProject also offers pastoral counselling, three times a week in the church-building, right next to the TU Delft campus. In cooperation with the International Reformed Evangelical Fellowship in Delft, an English Alpha course is organized.

For a total overview of the programs, experiences of international students and other stories, we would like to refer to the DelftProject website and Facebook-page.


You can find DelftProject on and

You can contact us via e-mail at or by talking to one of the pastors, Simon van der Lugt or Hans-Jan Roosenbrand.