Simon van der Lugt (1962)Simon van der Lugt

I like to read poetry. It's like a little verbal structure. A poet can say a lot with just a few words. Sometimes you must read it again and again. A poem doesn't reveal itself easily. A like talking to people. It can be about anything. Sometimes it will be very openhearted, sometimes the questions remain. We all carry our secrets. Or questions. In my experience conversations are a major contributor to a good life. I believe that God uses our conversations to make things right. Being a minister of a Christian church means living amongst Gods words and those of people. That's very appealing to me.

Rev. Simon van der Lugt
Oude Veiling 41, 2635 GK Den Hoorn
Phone: 015 - 262 43 92

Hans-Jan Roosenbrand (1978)Hans-Jan Roosenbrand

Being a minister is a very fulfilling job with many beautiful moments, but sometimes also sad ones, with our members and the guests visiting our church. I especially enjoy preparing the sermons and leading our Sunday services. The nice thing about being a minister is that you quickly and easily meet many people, young and old, seasoned believers and people still searching.

I studied in Nijmegen (Dutch law). In Kampen (Broederweg) I studied theology. I felt a calling to spread the gospel of Gods grace; it's in my blood. It is a message I also live by: a sinner, saved by grace! Since I became a minister, I've started keeping a weblog. But of course I'm also available via phone, e-mail or Facebook. Before and after our Sunday services and the other activities in the Immanuel church I'm always ready to meet people. I'm more than happy tell you about God and what it means to have faith in Him. And I would love to hear your life story.

Rev. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand
Office: Louise de Colignystraat 136, Delft
Phone: 06 - 411 204 81