Youth (older than 12)

We live in the information age. Young people are confronted with massive amounts of information. It can be hard to sift through all that information and determine what is true and what is important.  That is why we want to offer young people a safe place where they can share their lives with others. A place where they are listened to, known, and where they can develop themselves. It should also be a place where they learn to know God better, discover what his son Jesus Christ means to them and learn that true happiness can only be found when they live according to God’s intentions.

We organize the following activities for young people from the age of 12:


Teachings about the Christian faith, covering all the important subjects. A member of the congregation or a minister teaches the lessons.

Youth club

Once per fortnight, on Friday, we organize a club evening for the young people from high school grade 1 to 3. The activities are determined in consultation with the young people themselves. The activities are a mix of serious subjects and recreation.

Social gatherings

Together with the young people from high school grade 4 and up we organise a social gathering once a month.


In the days around Ascension Day we organise a camp for youths from the age of 12.